Notice of Public Hearing for Zoning Setbacks Ordinance

The Fairview City Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to receive public input for consideration of amending Fairview City Zoning Ordinance #2008-01, Chapter 11, General Property Development Standards. The specific proposed amendments are as follows:

  1. Add to Table 11-1, Accessory Structure: To read– Accessory structures shall be placed no closer than 8 feet to the property line and comply with all other setbacks. Accessory structures must be located in the rear of the lot. Box trailers, refrigeration trailers, buses, mobile homes, camp trailers, motor homes, or other containers with axels will not be allowed as accessory structures.

    Steel shipping containers of less than 200 square feet will be allowed. containers of greater than 200 square feet will be required to have a permit issued by Fairview City to be allowed. Containers shall be placed on a platform of concrete or gravel.

    The steel shipping container is required to be painted a color to compliment the house color.

  1. Change wording in Section 1127- Smaller Accessory Buildings-Exemption from Building Permit Requirements: To read– All accessory buildings with a maximum height of ten (10) feet and a maximum size less than one hundred twenty (120) two-hundred twenty (220) square feet….
  2. Add wording in section 1128 – Parking in Residential Zones: To read– However, all vehicles must be parked parallel to the property line and close to it. There must be at least four (4) feet of space from the vehicle and the edge of the payment.
  3. Add to Section 1136 – General Building Requirements: 4) The use of recreation vehicles such as buses, motorhome, travel trailer, tiny home (wheeled vehicle), carry all or camp trailer, house car, with or without power, originally designed for human habitation for recreational, emergency, or other occupancies may not be used as a temporary or permanent residence on a plot of ground in Fairview City. (Tiny homes (wheeled home) are allowed in a mobile home park.) During construction period of the new home, a recreation vehicle can be used to live in on the property.

The hearing will be held on Thursday, October 12, 2017, at 7:30 p.m. in the Fairview City Council Room, 85 South State, Fairview, Utah. For more information on these proposed changes, please contact the city hall. In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, individuals needing special accommodations during this meeting should notify Jan Anderson, City Recorder, 435-427-3858, at least three (3) days prior to this meeting.