City Council Meeting Minutes August 8, 2017

Minutes from City Council Meeting and Public Hearing, Tuesday, August 8, 2017, at 7:30 p.m. at 85 South State Street, City of Fairview, County of Sanpete, State of Utah.

Mayor Jeff Cox called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  Councilmembers present were Bawb Nielsen, Cliff Wheeler, Casey Anderson, KaeLyn Sorensen, Bob St. Jacques. City Employees present were Dave Taylor, Greg Sorensen, Justin Jackson, Bob Bingham, and Jan Anderson. Citizens present were Kristy Jensen, Roman and Erma Lee Aaron, Jason Mardell, David Olsen, Sheri Rivera, Susan Rasmussen.

Council Cliff Wheeler offered the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Councilman Casey Anderson moved to approve the minutes from June 27, 2017, as amended. Councilman Bob St. Jacques seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of. (Note changes: first page, under Marcy Curtis, motion changed from …is found in good repair to …found in acceptable condition; second page, first paragraph– All cars will be facing west to …facing north.).


Open Meeting for Public Comments. Councilman Bob St. Jacques moved to go into public hearing at 7:33 p.m. Councilman Cliff Wheeler seconded the motion. Voting was unanimous in favor of.

Proposed Fairview City Property Tax Increase. Mayor Jeff Cox updated the public on the property tax increase. The Council would like to be able to balance the general fund without having to make transfers from the enterprise funds. The gradual two percent increase every other year was not bringing in sufficient revenue to the general fund. Therefore, it was decided to set an actual dollar amount. They decided on $10,000. Mayor Cox asked for any public comment. Jason Mardell asked what is the increase for and where is it going to spent on. Mayor Cox stated that the property tax was not raised for many years so this is what we do so that the City does not have to ask for a big amount at one time. With this increase, the City will not have to move much money from the enterprise fund. Jason Mardell asked if there was a project needing funding. Mayor Cox stated no, just to help fund the general fund.

Proposed Fairview City Operating and Capital Budgets for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2018. No questions or comments on the proposed budget.

Amending Fairview City Operating and Capital Budgets for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2017. Jason Mardell asked if the budget was public record. Mayor Cox stated yes. You can get a copy at the City Hall or go to the State Auditor’s website.

Close Public Hearing and Reconvene Back into City Council Meeting. Councilman Cliff Wheeler moved to go back into City Council Meeting at 7:40 p.m. Councilwoman KaeLyn Sorensen seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of.


Planning Commission. No Business.

Sewer & Water Departments

Update on Status and Regulatory Changes. Employee Justin Jackson updated the Council with activities within the water department. The water system is running around 55 million gallons. The system hit a peak in June by 12 million. It is speculated that this was due to sprinkler systems. Five million applied to various city parks. On schedule for 110 million which is a 15- to 20-percent increase over last year. The break down by sources– spring 40 percent; the well by canyon road or lower well 46 percent; new well 14 percent year-to-date. A couple of adjustment were made to the hours run on the motors. Up to 20 currently. These are rough figures. Last year, the water peaked in August by 11 million. Sources– all spring line maintaining 75 gallons-per-minute. No issue with lower well, and Sammy’s well is overflowing. The wells are stable and healthy. The new SCADA system has provided a lot of useful information. There was a water break out on Brady Lane. It seems that this area breaks routinely. In the future consider replacing the line. The Rural Water code changed so that water readings are provided on each utility bill each month. Auto meters are needed to comply. A rough estimate to change out the meters is $80,000. The law went into effect last year.

Sewer plant update. There is a proposed rule change. It involves nutrient removal. This rule goes in to place January 1, 2020, and no later than January 1, 2025. There are a couple of ways to meeting this: 1. addition of a chemical where phosphate will attach to it then go to the landfill with the sludge. The down side to this is the cost of the equipment or chemical would be an additional $20,000. 2. Option of water reuse. This is a heads up because it is coming. With these two options, the water reuse would more than likely be done in phases, and the chemical down side is it would hurt the membranes which is the most-costly part of the system. With the water reuse, the City would only be able to dispose it for a few months and then, in the winter months turn it in to the Sanpitch. A resolution is need from the Council of which option they want to go. This needs to be passed by October. The question was asked how large the storage pond needs to be. Depends on what the Council wants to do. The reuse is up to 12 million gallons per month.

Power Department

Muddy Creek Turbine Power Project Update. Councilman Casey Anderson stated that Fairview City is the smallest city participating in this project. The board is ready to move forward with liability and cost studies. Is the City still on board with this project? If so, he will sign for the City. The Council in favor of this project.

UAMPS on Year-End Rebate. Received notice from UAMPS that the City needs to true up on refund ($13,127.78). What do you want to do with the proceeds? In the past, the City holds on to it for billing needs for different projects. It is collected power money and then set aside for projects. Mayor Jeff Cox recommends the City continue as in the past. The Council agrees.

Police Department

Discussion on Supervision of Police Department. Councilman Casey Anderson with watching what Ephraim City going through with their police department. Does the City have a check and balance with the police department? Chief Bob Bingham stated he does not have any complaints. He updates the Mayor weekly and is comfortable with the way things are going. Councilman Cliff Wheeler stated that he gets weekly reports so he knows what he is up to. He would like to have an evidence tech and stated it would be nice if there were one other person but realizes that the City is not able to provide one. It was asked how things are going with the part-time officers. The one officer had some medical issues and has not be back since. The other one is lacking some training. He is taking a class and then should be able to come back and work. Bob will contact the one that has been ill and see if he is still interested.

Wage Study Review and Approval – Jerry P. Nelson & Associates. Councilman Casey Anderson has had discussion with Mr. Nelson and received a consulting agreement from him. To move forward with the wage study, approval is needed from the Council. Councilman Bob St. Jacques asked what happens if the study comes back that we are over paying our employees, what do we do? Mayor Cox suggested if that is the case, that the City continue with the wage they are being paid now. Councilman Anderson stated that when the study comes back then the Council has an idea of how to proceed from there for the next few years. Councilman Casey Anderson moved to proceed forward with the wage study. Councilwoman Kaelyn Sorensen seconded the motion. The voting: in favor: Casey Anderson, Bob St. Jacques, Cliff Wheeler, and KaeLyn Sorensen; against: Bawb Nielsen. Motion passed. Cost– consulting $8,150, City Council review, $800.00, total, $8,250 to $8,950.

24th of July Update. The Council received a draft revenue and expense hand out on the 24th of July celebration. There was no further discussion.


Resolution No. 2017-07R; Setting the Real and Personal Property Tax Rate. Setting the certified tax rate of 0.001374%. Councilman Cliff Wheeler moved to approve Resolution 2017-07R; adopting the certified tax rate of 0.001374%. Councilman Bawb Nielsen seconded the motion. Voting: for– Bawb Nielsen, Cliff Wheeler, Case Anderson, and KaeLyn Sorensen; against– Bob St. Jacques. Motion carries.

Resolution No. 2017-08R; Approving and Adopting a Budget for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2018 and Amending the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2017 Budget. Councilman Bawb Nielsen moved to adopt Resolution No. 2017-08R. Councilman Cliff Wheeler seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of.

Resolution No. 2017-09R; A Resolution of Intent to Place Before Fairview City Voters an Opinion About a 1/10th of 1% Sales Tax (Z.A.P. Tax) to Fund Recreation Facilities in Fairview City. The money received from this tax would be earmark for community supported arts, culture, and recreation. The City could use the money to help finish the sports park and add a walking system, the money could also be used to help the Museum and North Bend entertainers. This resolution allows the ZAP tax to be placed on the ballot to allow the citizens the opportunity to say yes or no to enact this tax. Councilman Casey Anderson moved to approve Resolution No. 2017-09R. Councilman Bob St. Jacques seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of.


Mayor Jeff Cox – General City Business Update. Reminder of scheduled power outage on August 17th. The power department is busy converting power over to the new switch. This project has been a long time in the making. This project has been a request of UAMPS, this will isolate Fairview from the surrounding cities, and the City will be able to monitor the power lost from Mt. Pleasant to Fairview. Put blurb in Focus encouraging citizen not to use culinary water that day to water lawn.

Employee Greg Sorensen stated that they had a representative from Rocky Mountain Power show up. They were not sure what was happening with the power outage. His name was Bruce Blackham, he went and looked at it. He was okay with what was being done.

Councilman Bawb Nielsen stated that school starts in two weeks, they changed the schedule there are no early out on Mondays.

Citizen Kristy Jensen asked where the subdivision was going to be at. It was stated that the City was not aware of any new subdivision.


Councilman Bob St. Jacques moved to approve the vouchers from July 22, 2017to August 4, 2017. Councilwoman KaeLyn Sorensen seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of.


Councilman Bob St. Jacques moved to adjourn meeting at 8:30 p.m. Councilwoman KaeLyn Sorensen seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of.