City Council Meeting Minutes September 26, 2017

Minutes of Fairview City Council Meeting held on Tuesday, September 26, 2017, at 7:30 p.m. at 85 South State Street, City of Fairview, County of Sanpete, State of Utah.

Mayor Jeff Cox called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Councilmembers present were Cliff Wheeler, KaeLyn Sorensen, Bob St. Jacques, Bawb Nielsen, and Casey Anderson. City employees present were Bob Bingham, Justin Jackson, Greg Sorensen, Dave Taylor, and Jan Anderson. Citizens present were Phil and Donna Seager, Roman and Erma Lee Aaron, Matt Sorensen, David Olsen, Tyler Jackson, and Tyler Faddis, Jones & DeMille Engineering.

Councilman Casey Anderson offered the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Councilman Bawb Nielsen moved to approve minutes from July 25, 2017,

August 8, 2017, and Enterprise Transfer Public Hearing August 8, 2017. Councilman Bob St. Jacques stated that on page 3, under Wage Study Review… it has Bob St. Jacques voting against and it should be Bawb Nielsen who voted against. Councilman Bawb Nielsen moved to approve minutes from July 25, 2017, August 8, 2017, and Enterprise Transfer Public Hearing August 8, 2017, as amended. Councilman Cliff Wheeler seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of.


Trevor Ence, Youth City Council Discussion. Not present.

Discussion/Questions from Public Regarding Proposition #8, the 0.1% RAP (Recreation, Arts, and Parks) Sales Tax. No comment from public


Planning Commission

Donna Seager – Home Occupational Permit (HOP) Approval, Rural Senior Adult Services, 660 East 300 South. This is an outreach program for homebound or vulnerable seniors in Sanpete County. She has established this as a 501(c)(3) exempt charity. Funding will come through grants, donations, and corporations. They will offer companion care/personal care (not health care) to seniors. The plan is to support, foster, and upgrade services for seniors and will be an advocate helping to prevent loneliness and isolation. All requirements have been met and was recommended for approval by the Planning Commission. Councilman Bob St. Jacques moved to approve the HOP for Donna Seager. Councilwoman KaeLyn Sorensen seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of.

Sewer and Water Department.

Justin Jackson stated that there were no major concerns within the sewer plant.

A few water breaks have been repaired throughout the last few months. There is a current leak on center street and needs more planning, may have to disconnect Centracom. The well above Sammy’s diary has been taken out of service. The chlorinator pump was destroyed which happens every couple of years.  Heath Poulson from Poulson Drilling came and looked at it. There is an option to help alleviate some of the pressure from the pump and that would be to run it at a lower level and continuously. This would help with keeping a lot of the gravel from ruining the equipment. The lower well and the springs are keeping the City in water. It was asked if running the pump at a lower speed will it generate enough pressure up to the tank. There are some long-term concerns with this well. Hoping to get auto read meters in place within the next two years. This will bring the City into compliance with the new law. Hoping to get 50 installed in October. Councilman Casey Anderson asked if they will notify homeowners when they are replacing the meter. Should only take 20 minutes to do unless the meter is too deep.

Power Department.

Greg Sorensen – Power Activity Update. In the last month, the power department installed three temporary services which makes a total of seven currently in place.   Installed five conjunction boxes and pulled wire through the sports park, this is part of the substation project installing the new line coming into Fairview. Just past Lynn Anderson’s home, the land is swampy, so a change order was required for an additional $20,000 because the trench had to be dug deeper, Codale had to bring in a special machine in to go down the extra 14 feet. Unable to detect this until the testing was done.

The power outage on September 16th was caused by a tree which ended up in the 4600-line and burned in half. We got the power back on shortly thereafter. There was another small power outage on 300 East on September 24th, the snow caused the phases to cross and start on fire. The cutout fell apart.

The breaker project should be charged by the middle of November. This needs to be done before the substation can go on line.

Police Department. Bob Bingham inquired about the signs on the hillside below the cemetery, does the Council still want to keep this area closed from ATV use. Yes, go ahead and order new signs and repost them.

Dance Hall Rental and Use Agreement Discussion. Councilman Casey Anderson stated that there is still some confusion with the use of the dance hall– lights are being left on and doors left open. Reviewed dance hall agreement and scheduling of the building. It was asked if the people are being informed on what the City expects from them when renting the dance hall. Yes, and there have been times when the City has held the deposit and asked the renters to come back and clean better. As far as the parking lot(s), the parking lot is part of the agreement, there is a need to pay more attention to them. The agreement is being worked on. It is a work in progress. Is there a list of what renters are expected and need to do? Yes. Marcy Curtis came to express her concern. She had rented the dance hall for an event (pageant) this past summer when there was a confrontation with a group who was using the basement. This happened as they were trying to get the pageant started. She also mentioned that the night before she had double checked the doors and lights. The next morning, the door on the north was opened. Randy Dowland with the North Bend Entertainers was also present. He stated that he tries to check with the City when using the dance hall. They are good to schedule rehearsals and dates of their productions. Randy would like to offer his service to police the building. He would schedule the building, take care of the security, etc., and make sure the building was clean before and after use. The Council would like to try a different option before they move in the direction of having Randy police the building.

Discussion ensued on rekeying the building and the use of alcohol. The City will need to create an ordinance regarding which parks, building, etc. they will allow alcohol and which ones they want as alcohol free. The Council was asked to come back next month with their suggestions on which parks they would like to have designated as alcohol free parks. Councilman Wheeler stated that people are bringing instruments, etc. through the kitchen. The kitchen is supposed to be locked unless they have asked to use the kitchen. Items other than kitchen items should be brought in through the service door on the east side of the building. The Council would like to have an account of all the keys to the dance hall and have the dance hall agreement translated in to Spanish.

Eagle Project Update at Cemetery. Councilman Cliff Wheeler briefed the Council on the eagle project. Trey Robison along with friends and family put in the bench, path way, flag poles, and trimmed the shrubs. The kiosk still needs to be painted. City Employee Justin Jackson helped with moving direct, etc., and it was decided to hydro seed in the spring. A dedication ceremony would be nice if it is done before Veteran’s Day. They planned on doing the flags on the north side but that a lone is an eagle project itself so they are not going to do that.

200 South State Trailer Park Discussion. Councilman Cliff Wheeler stated that the trailer park is unsafe and an unsanitary place. It is getting to be a dump and is unsightly. It is a bad situation. The landowner has been contacted. With the City Council’s approval, the City can start the process to abate the second trailer. The landlord has been contacted. Mayor Cox asked for a motion from Council to give the City direction if they so desire to have the middle trailer abated. Councilman Bob St. Jacques moved to start the process of abatement on the second trailer in the trailer park located at 200 South and approximately 15 East. Councilman Cliff Wheeler seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of. Councilman Cliff Wheeler stated that the trailer closes to State Street needs to be cleaned up.

Street Update – Proposed Arterial Streets. With regards to the street study, collector streets needed to be designated. It was proposed 300 South, 100 South,

100 North, 200 East, and 400 East be collector streets. If the Council agrees to this, this will give direction of where to put the yield and stop signs at. The stop signs on 300 South will need to be removed, and 200 North is a safe zone street for kids walking to and from school. The City will need to comply now that the study is complete. A few signs will need to be purchased should be minimal cost. If okay would like to proceed, next step placement of signs.


Resolution No. 2017-06R; Adopt-A-Park. Councilman Cliff Wheeler moved to adopt Resolution No.2017-06R; Councilwoman KaeLyn Sorensen seconded the motion. Voting was unanimous in favor of.

Resolution No. 2017-10R; Approving and Authorizing the Execution of a Municipal Lease for the Purchase of a New JCB 3 CX Backhoe and Loader. The reason this is before the Council again, is because when the Council agreed to purchase the backhoe they put a cap of $80,000, but with the lease purchase the interest pushed the price over $80,000. Part of the lease purchase, requires a letter from our attorney. Our attorney asked that we bring this before the Council for approval of the total cost of $81,397.51. Councilman Bob St. Jacques moved to adopt Resolution No. 2017-10R. Councilman Cliff Wheeler seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of.

Resolution No. 2017-11R; Approving Policy Allowing Fairview City Employees the Opportunity to Participate as a Volunteer with the Fire Department and/or Sanpete County Ambulance Service. Councilman Bawb Nielsen moved to adopt Resolution

No. 2017-11R. Councilman Casey Anderson seconded the motion. The voting unanimous in favor of.

Resolution No. 2017-12R; Notice of Intent to Annex a Parcel of Ground Located South of the City Limits to Include the Rodeo Grounds and Sports Park and the Three Private Parcels of Ground Connected to this property. Councilman Bob St. Jacques moved to adopt Resolution No. 2017-12R. Councilwoman KaeLyn Sorensen seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of.

Resolution No. 2017-13R; A resolution of the Fairview City Council Creating Policy to Remove Phosphorus from Sewer Plant. Councilman Casey Anderson asked that the word ‘approve’ be added to the “Now, Therefore Be It Resolved”. It now reads … it is approved that the City pursue….   Councilman Bawb Nielsen moved to adopt Resolution No. 2017-13R as amended. Councilman Casey Anderson seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of.


Mayor Jeff Cox – General City Business Update. Meet the candidates’ night, will be held at the museum on Tuesday, October 17, 2017.

Councilman Cliff Wheeler encouraged the Council to stop by the museum and look at the art displays. The displays are rotated every so often. The museum is always looking for volunteers. Six County awarded their volunteer of the year award to Allen Nelson. He oversees the dad-to-day operations.

Councilman Casey Anderson mentioned that the wage study is under way. On October 10th at 10 a.m. Jerry Nelson will come and meet with the city staff.

Fairview City owns rights to horse butte wind farm in Idaho. It was built as a power purchase agreement, the lending company forked over the money to build the plant now the cities have the option to purchase the plant. By the end of November, early buy outs will open. Paperwork will be coming. UAMPS will basically finance the whole project, and the City will make their payments as an owner not as a future owner.

The new scale power project in Idaho is still in study phase. It will be a few years out 2024-2025 to start project.

Councilwoman Kaelyn Sorensen stated that a couple of citizens were asking if the City had raised their electrical rates. Rates have not been raised.


Councilman Casey Anderson moved to approve the vouchers for August 5, 2017 to September 22, 2017. Councilman Bob St. Jacques seconded the motion. The voting was unanimous in favor of.


Councilman Bob St. Jacques moved to adjourn at 9:26 p.m. Councilman Cliff Wheeler seconded the motion. Motion carried.