City Planning

Planning Commission

David Taylor – City Planner

Robert St. Jacques  – Council Representative

Mike Jarman – Planning Comission Chairman

Alyson Lee

Kyle Durrant

Evelyn Morris

Dave McFarland

For information about planning and zoning please contact David at 435-427-3858 or PO Box 97 Fairiview, Utah 84629 or e-mail

In Sanpete County all Commercial Structures must be designed by an Engineer and/or Architect as per Utah State Licensing.

In Sanpete County all single family dwellings and their accessory structures constructed, altered, moved, enlarged, replaced or repaired shall be in accordance to the International Residential Code or Engineering practice.

All the above structures must be designed using the conventional construction provisions or be certified by a Utah State Licensed Structural Engineer.

All structures require a building permit from Sanpete County Building Department along with a Fairview City Planning Permit, with the exception of – single level storage sheds 200 square feet or less no permit fee required but they need to be located at least 8 feet from any side or back property line.

Fees for permits

No fee for single level sheds less than 120 square feet

$25.00 fee for structures up to 500 square feet

$50.00 fee for remodels and structures over 500 square feet

$100.00 fee for new homes

$100.00 fee for lot splits, zone changes

Utility Connection Fees

$100.00   Building fee

$150.00 Temporary power

$1,350.00 Power hook-up fee

$1,747.00 Power Impact

$315.00 – 3/4″ water meter

$370.00 – 1″ water meter

$1,350.00 Water Impact  fee

$150.00  Sewer Hookup Inspection fee

$2,537.00 Sewer Impact Fee

Sewer lateral installations are installed by your licensed contractor and inspected by the City. Secondary power from the transformer on the pole to your meter base on your home can be installed by a licened Electerian or Fairview City.  If you want Fairview City to prepare an estimate for your secondary power please call Greg Sorensen.

Design Standards

2001 Standards

2003 Amendment #1

General Plan

2001 General Plan

Zoning Ordinance

2008 Zoning Ordinance


Annexation Plan


  • Buisness License
  • Home Occupation Permit
  • Building Permit
  • Annexation Permits
  • Zoning Changes
  • Subdivison Permits
  • Varance Permits
  • Letter of Interpation